Your Buying Guide to Pick the Best Tent Pole


If you are new to camping, or are gearing up for your first camping experience, then you are likely beginning to acquire the necessary supplies to make your first big trip a successful one. Some of the most basic pieces of gear that you will definitely need on an overnight camping trip include a flashlight, a sleeping bag, and a tent. Of these examples, the tent is certainly the largest and most complex piece of necessary equipment. The following article will discuss some of the distinctions that should be made between certain types of tent poles, and discuss the importance of choosing the most appropriate design for your needs and goals.

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Tent poles are essentially the skeleton of a tent’s structure and design. They provide the basic shape of the tent, which the tent fabric will then fill out, providing the necessary protection against the elements. Although different tent designs require different set ups of tent poles, there are a few essential features that any camper should be aware of.

Most tent poles are constructed of either aluminum or fiberglass. Being constructed of metal ensures a level of durability and ruggedness that is simply not attainable with other materials. Aluminum tent poles are typically more lightweight and flexible in design, and are more likely to bend than to break under pressure. Fiberglass tent poles on the other hand are slightly heavier and provide a different type of structure to the tent. Unfortunately, fiberglass poles can break under excessive pressure, and when such an incident does occur, the poles can be hard to fix with the resources that you will likely have along on a camping trip. In addition, because aluminum tent poles tend to be lighter weight, they are a preferable design for camping trips that involve a lot of lifting, hiking, and carrying of materials.

Although generally quite durable and reliable, occasional mishaps can occur, resulting in damaged or broken tent poles. In this event, you will likely wish to replace or repair your existing poles instead of investing in an entirely new tent. Most tent manufacturers facilitate these scenarios by offering replacement tent poles or repair kits for their specific models. Although the price of replacement tent poles will vary depending on the size and make of your tent as well as the availability of these and other replacement parts, average prices may vary from approximately $10.00 to $25.00 USD.

One company that offers exceptional customer support on both initial sales, as well as repair or replacement items is Coleman. A manufacturer of virtually all items that have to do with camping and hiking.

When purchasing replacement tent poles, ensure you know the dimensions, as well as the model number or detailed description of your tent, since the size and width of tent poles will vary, depending upon the structure that they are intended to create. offers a helpful sizing guide, to help consumers identify the exact models of replacement poles that they will require.