Why Cabin Tents Make Great Family Tents

Being able to spend time outdoors with your family is a great way to build bonds that you can’t get in any other way.  Family cabin tents are great options for families wanting to share the outdoors together. They tend to be much larger than most tents and have bigger doorways, more windows and sometimes screened in porches.

 The windows, doorways and porches make a huge difference in helping to create good ventilation within the tent walls.  The biggest benefit of cabin tents is that they are designed like a little cabin or home.

Think back to the 1800’s to the small houses families lived in.  They were no where near spacious compared to today’s standards but families managed to live in these small structures.

This is exactly how a cabin tent is in terms of camping.  No, it isn’t going to be a 2000 square foot house but it will provide you a little more square footage than a basic tent and it can offer a little bit of privacy by having a couple of different rooms helping you and your family feel a little more at home while camping.

If you have been camping with your family before you know how much every bit of space matters and the best family tent is going to offer plenty of it.

Cabin tents provide a little more space allowing you to have some standing room inside of your tent. Most cheap tents are smaller than a cabin tent and don’t provide enough room to stand in.

The extra space that cabin tents provide gives families a little more space to put their things.  We all love to have our own space and you might even find your teenagers are a little less reluctant to come along if they know they have their own space.  Cabin tents also have the space you need if you plan on bringing an air mattress to sleep on.

If you find an 8 person tent or 10 person tent these should be the perfect size to acommodate all the things that you might want to bring while still providing some ample space for everybody.

Some campsites also limit the amount of tents you can pitch.   Pitching larger and roomier tents is a great way to utilize your campsite when you are restricted in how many tents you can have set up. You are also going to find some negative aspects of using a cabin tent.

The extra room equals more weight.  When you have to backpack or hike to your campsite using another kind of tent will probably be best.  Compare how it feels to carry 25-35 pounds to carrying a smaller tent between 4-8 pounds.  If you are car camping and parking right next to your campsite it provides a great value.

 Unfortunately, more space also leads to higher prices, although you can still find some good deals and cheap tents in this category.If you and your family are going to be camping a lot without hiking to your campsite a cabin tent is going to be a great match for you.

You will love the extra space and the added privacy these tents provide.   If you don’t plan on camping in the winter 3 season tents should be perfectly find in keeping the weather at bay.

Check out Coleman weathermaster tents if you are looking for a great, durable tent for your family. Want even more options check out our post, bestselling camping tents that gives you a list of the most popular family camping tents, camping beds, tent fans and air mattresses from Amazon.