What to Bring for Camping in Conversion Vans

When you are planning to go camping with your family in a conversion van, you must create a list to bring with you for that long trip to your camping site (national parks are great places to go!), and your even longer stay for adventures and sightseeing.

You can never leave for that camping trip without planning on the all the necessary preparations for food. You’ll need to start a camping checklist.

Bring with you:

(1) small propane or charcoal grill (don’t forget the charcoal) and starting fluid or propane tank,

(2) butane lighters (preferably the longer ones used for starting fireplaces),

(3) storage containers,

(4) aluminum foil,

(5) napkins,

(6) plastic zip lock bags,

(7) cutting board,

(8) knife and knife sharpener,

(9) cooking Utensils,

(10) most preferably plastic dishes and plates,

(11) kitchen linens,

(12) Coffee pot/tea kettle and filter

(13) tea and coffee,

(14) cleaning items like soap, sponge, paper towels, kitchen brushes and cleaners;

(15) Paper/plastic bags for trash collection; and

(16) gallons of bottled water.

For activities outdoor while on your camping site you should be bringing the following:

(1) Any outdoor lighting,

(2) stools,

(3) folding chairs,

(4) stackable chairs,

(5) sleeping gears like mattress and sleeping bags;

(6) battery powered radio.

Remember though no to overdo it. Don’t bring a lot. Communicate with your family what you should and should not be bringing. Children sometimes suggest bringing this and that out of curiosity and excitement. Be in charge.

Consider also bringing materials for campsite maintenance such as

(1) spare batteries (9V, 6V lantern, D, C, AA, AAA);

(2) tool set,

(3) ropes,

(4) tarps,

(5) bungee straps,

(6) electrical or duct tape,

(7) shovel,

(8) ax,

(9) level and small pails,

(10) wood blocks and levelers to assist in leveling your recreational vehicle,

(11) broom,

(12) mop and dust pan,

(13) an ample supply of toilet paper, toilet chemicals and tissue, and most of all

(14) good camping manual.

The manual is imperative especially when you’re new to a place or unfamiliar yet to campground essentials.