Uses of a Survival Knife – Best Cold Steel Survival Knives

A survival knife can come in handy in various situations. Due to this reason, it is highly advisable that you bring one wherever you go. This type of knife usually has a rough, hollow handle which that helps give a strong grip to its user. Oftentimes, the edge of its handle has compass attached to it. There’s more in store inside the knife’s handle. Once you open the handle of the knife, you will find other items inside it which can be very useful when emergencies arise. Some of the items that can be found inside the knife’s handle are as follows; a thread, a needle, some fishing hooks, matches, a fishing line, wire saw, first aid items and many more.

Even though these hollow handled knives can be weaker than a knife with a full tang, meaning the knife blade goes all the way through the handle, they can often carry the necessary items you may need to survive in the wilderness.

There are different types of survival knives that you can choose from and these are; the military survival knife, the wilderness survival knife and the air force survival knife. There is actually nothing known as the best survival knife, all of these knives are equally great. If you have your own survival knife, you must know how to use it properly to be able to use it to its full advantage. Aside from that, having knowledge on how use the knife the right way can help guarantee your safety when using it. Survival knives have many uses, all these are necessary for you to make sure that you survive in the wild. Let’s take a closer look at the different uses of these knives.

Building a fire is important during a camping trip. In times like these, a survival knife can be of good use. Fire is needed to help cook your food and feed yourself. How do you create fire using this type of knife? You can actually learn how to do this by reading some books or researching about this online. In addition, your knife can also be useful in cutting wood which is needed to help build fire. However, how can you cook food if there is nothing there to cook? Of course, you need to hunt animals for food first. You can use your knife to make weapons which are needed to help you in capturing your food. However, being able to eat is not the only thing that’s important to survive in the wild. You also need somewhere that you can sleep and rest on which will serve as your home.

For this reason, you need to make your own shelter using your knife. With the help of your knife, you will be able to cut all the necessary materials in building your so-called “home” in the wild. Once you have finished making a home, you are now able to rest and shield yourself from any harmful elements and keep yourself warm during the cold night. There is one problem though, there are unexpected circumstances wherein danger comes knocking at your door. To be able to protect yourself from harm, you can use your knife for self-defense. Still, you cannot do this without training. If you really want to be able to defend yourself from life and death situations, you must learn to know how to by taking some classes. Survival knives can really serve multiple purposes so if you want to be able to survive in the outskirts of civilization, it would really be best for you to get one.

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