Top Reasons Why Priest Lake is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Priest Lake (located in Northern Idaho, 33 miles north of Priest River) is a 19-mile long lake with a depth of more than 300 feet. People looking to commune with nature will certainly delight in the area’s dense forests of fir, cedar, and tamarack while being given the opportunity to observe various animals such as whitetail deer, moose, bald eagles, even black bears. The main body of Priest Lake is sure to refresh your soul, what with clear water, which is fed by streams tumbling down from the peaks of the majestic Selkirk Mountain Ranges. The lake’s length allows it to offer its visitors various activities to suit their camping styles and interests. Boating, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and of course fishing are some of the more popular activities along the lake.

Priest Lake boasts of a large sandy beach just along the lakefront, which is an ideal alternative to the usually crowded beaches. In the summer, visitors can go camping and set up beach tents, water-skiing, hiking, and picnicking. Pets are also welcome in some campgrounds along Priest Lake, so make inquiries if you wish to bring your beloved animal companion with you.

Temperatures can really soar in the summer, though, so make sure that you have a proper shelter where you and your companions can cool off. This is especially true for children, who enjoy themselves so much in Priest Lake, that they just play and have fun to the point without worrying about heat stroke. If you have a large group with you, bring along beach tents, not just the usual camping tents, because these are made especially for taking to the beach. Since these are lightweight, they are also very easy to set up, giving you more time to enjoy your weekend escapade. When winter comes, don’t store your camping equipment just yet, though, because Priest Lake has lots of snowmobile trails and cross-country activities.

One of the most popular activity at Priest Lake is fishing. Depending on how you intend to fish (off the bank at the lake, on a stream, or even by boat on the lake), there are plenty of good fishing spots. The area off the end of Pinto Point is best for those who surface troll while those who prefer fishing along the banks can go to where East Lakeshore Road runs alongside Priest Lake. Those who want to deep troll can travel to Barton Islands and Kalispell. Make inquiries when planning your getaway, as the majority of the stream are open only in July and August.

With all the fun activities you can do at Priest Lake, make sure your camping equipment is complete. Forgetting an essential gear, like a cooler to keep the fishes you caught, can bring down your enjoyment, what with the worry of what to do with your catch. If camped out along the beach, beach tents are perfect for keeping the cooler out of direct sun, thus providing your family with cold refreshments.

So for your next weekend, why not visit Priest Lake in Idaho? With the right set of camping equipment, you are sure to enjoy the best that Idaho has to offer.