These Are The Primary Skills You Need In Outside Survival Games

Survival methods are different depending on where you are. Making fire with pieces of wood in the jungle or, finding a camel in a desert can be difficult. The outdoors & survival techniques are designed that allow not only to survive but, also be fed, warm, protection from bad weather and, even apply medical knowledge when one is isolated in nature. So, if you are a nature lover and, want a great adventure for the first time, you need to get some real training. Avoiding this will make your chance to live at a minimum.

Basic Survival Skills You Need To Know: The plan

To begin with, it is a good idea to know what might potentially happen in the area where you live, where you intend to travel, and what dangers might be unleashed in those regions. In other words, identify the potential disasters that could occur and, prepare a master plan of what to do if they really happen.


Learn to use your natural environment for your guidance such as the distance between the sun and, the horizon. Place your hand so that the sun “leans” on your index finger and, counts how many fingers are between the horizon and, you. Each one is equal to approximately 15 minutes. Even if it is not very precise. Time can be very important if you need to organize your actions and, seek refuge during the night.


Our effort produces heat and water. And this heat has to be dissipated by the body. And, the main mechanism for this is sweating. If you are going to do an activity in a very hot and, very humid place, this internal heat loss can lead to hyperthermia. In a very cold environment, this speeds up too much heat loss and, can lead to hypothermia. The important thing is always to have excellent hydration. Wear suitable clothing to protect yourself from the cold and to allow good heat exchange in a warm environment.


It goes without saying. Water is the primary thing that you need to get out of trouble. We all know that water is the most important resource you need to survive. Since dehydration can kill you in a couple of days. Certainly, finding a clean and portable source is the perfect solution. So, the first thing you need is to find the source. If you get lost in the jungle trying to locate the river.


It is best to carry an emergency bag or first aid kit, which may have essential elements to survive in extreme situations and food supply. First, check what food you have and eat in small portions when you are hungry. When you think about your “Emergency Prevention Plan”, check which edible plants grow in your area. Maybe you can also find some berries. Another important thing to learn is where poisonous shrubs grow and, how to avoid them. There are also some medicinal plants that can help you a lot. But, without proper training, you cannot identify them.