Sleeping Mat Type Review – Choose the Best

Are you familiar with sleeping mats? A sleeping mat is a type of pad that serves as protection for people who are sleeping on the ground. It has many uses. Aside from providing comfort on surfaces that are hard to sleep on, it also gives protection from cold weather. This makes sleeping mats for outdoor activities like camping. There are several types of sleeping mats that you can choose from. In case you didn’t know the different types, let’s take a closer look on each of them.


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  • Bubble Wrap

This type of sleeping mat is very lightweight and has small air cells which protect it from convection currents. It is a good insulator for camping and is water-resistant. It has one disadvantage though, since the bubbles are very easy to pop, users might be tempted to pop its bubbles after a whole day loaded with exhausting outdoor activities.

  • Balloon Bed

It is ideal for short trips due to its size and weight. It is also very lightweight which makes it easy to carry. The only disadvantage with this is that it tends to break easily and its balloons tend to pop quickly. If your trip requires you to bring several balloons, this is not the ideal sleeping mat for you.

  • Airbeds

These types of sleeping mats can provide you with the comfort that you are looking for. If you are going to go base camping, this is the best choice that you can have. However, there is a downside to this type of mat. They are heavy and bulky. Aside from that, they consume a lot of time when they are being inflated when electric pumps are not used. They also have large air channels hence convection currents can easily be formed.

  • Closed Cell Foam Mat

This is one of the most affordable types of sleeping mats. Many buyers choose this type of mat since it is indestructible and is ideal even for very cold conditions. Thinner ones tend to be cheaper than the thicker versions. They usually weigh between 300 – 500g. The type of mat will depend on the weather condition. During winter or cold weather for example, wide sleeping mats are ideal since they give extra space in case the user will roll off. However, if the weather is extremely hot like summer season, a thin mat would suffice. On the other hand, if it would be for extreme usage, a large Karrimat is the best option due to its insulation properties

  • Hybrid Inflatable Mat

If you are on a tight budget, this type of mat is also a good option for you. Aside from that it is also water-proof which is why a lot of users like it.

  • Hybrid Foam Mat

You will be amazed with how this mat looks like for it resembles egg crates of bubble wrap mats. It is also not difficult to flatten which is an advantage because many sleeping mats have that kind of ability. It is also very comfortable to use and provides good insulation. In addition, it is also very sturdy, soft and wider than other types of sleeping mats. However, it is not ideal for extreme use and for extremely cold weather.

  • Self Inflating Mat

For those who are looking for a good night’s sleep, a self-inflating mat is the best option for them. This type of mat is also available in numerous designs which makes it one of the top choices for buyers.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are also other types of camping sleeping mats like kids sleeping mats and the inflatable sleeping mat. Are you planning to buy one? When choosing a sleeping bag mat, it is very important to consider the durability and insulation properties of the mat. It would also be best to consider the materials that were used in making the mat.

The size of the mat is also very important, taking into consideration the number of people who will be sleeping on it. The thickness of the mat is also very important to consider especially if you are planning to go camping during cold weather. If the camping sleeping mat is thick, the cold will have difficulty in penetrating it and all the more the user will feel more comfortable in using it.

You can find sleeping mats in several camping and outdoor equipment stores in malls. They can also be found in shops and establishments in your location. If you don’t have the time to roam around the city and look for sleeping mats, there are websites online which offer them at reasonable prices and in a wide variety of choices.