How to Sharpen a Hunting Knife Guide

To sharpen a knife, you can go about it in two ways. One is to use a mechanical or electric knife sharpener, and another way is to do it using a whetstone. In case of knife sharpeners, it’s quite difficult to get a razor sharp edge unless you’re willing to spend more than $50 on some of the higher end sharpeners available in the market. On this page, we are going to take a look at how we can go about it using a whetstone. You can purchase sharpening stones that can either handle both coarse and fine sharpening.

Another thing to note is that the sharpening angle of the knife should be constant. So unless you have an angle guide, you will need to try and keep your hands very steady while doing this. We do recommend getting an angle guide if you find it difficult to keep your hands steady.

For the stone, you want to look for something like this:

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Place the stone on a surface where it won’t move. For this purpose, you could buy a clamp that can hold the stone in place. We’re now ready to begin. First thing you need to do is get the stone wet on the side that you’ll be using first. Let’s say we’re doing the coarse side first. Get that side wet and place the knife at about 30 degrees. If you don’t have an angle guide, simply place the knife on the stone at an angle where the knife bevel is touching the stone. Hold the spine of the knife firmly before slicing across the stone.

For the clamp, you want to look for something like this:

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Holding the knife in the aforementioned manner and starting from the extreme end of the stone, slide the knife across the stone in a slicing manner. As you move across the surface of the stone, make sure that you are also moving the knife’s edge side to side, that is, if you begin by keeping your knife blade centered on one side of the stone, make sure you move across the stone in such a way that you have ran most of the blade’s surface as you moved across, up to the area close to the tip. Perform 8 to 10 strokes for each side, and the same number of strokes in an alternating manner. Once that is done, repeat the process on the fine side of the stone.

Now that we are done with sharpening the blade on the stone, we will strop the blade using a belt. Attach one end of the belt to any surface where it will be held firmly in position and hold the other end of the belt in your hand. With the rough side facing up, run your knife blade across the belt. Do not do this action in a position of the blade cutting into the belt. Do it the other way around, which means, move the knife across the belt in a direction opposite to the blade’s edge. Perform 40 to 50 strokes in total. Your knife is now sharpened and ready to use.