Rab Ignition 3 Sleeping Bag Review

When you go camping, a good sleeping bag is one of the most important overnight gear. You need to rest well, so the hike next day will be easy. Choosing the right sleeping bag for you is the second most important thing next to choosing tents when going camping. This time, we will be reviewing Rab Ignition 3 sleeping bag and help you decide whether it is the right sleeping bag for you.

Rab Ignition 3 Sleeping Bag Reviewrab-ignition-3-sleeping-bag-revamznbutton

The shell of Rab Ignition 3 bag is made out of ripstop nylon, while the lining is made out of polyester. The shape of the sleeping bag is mummy and max user height is 78.8 inches, take note that this is the extra long version, the regular one is 74.8 inches.

Rab’s Ignition 3 sleeping bag is very comfortable for camping. It weights only 3.2 pounds, which means it is light enough to be packable for backpacking. Because it is insulated with Pyrotec synthetic, it provides great breathability so you can maintain warmth in winter.  Rab made the Ignition 3 mummy shape, so it gives more room and the footbox still allows movement. The positive features of this sleeping bag are that is has an internal draft collar and a drawcord at the top, so you can secure it well.

The color is orange-red and you can select two sizes, regular and large. Price is decent when you look at the features, compared to other mummy sleeping bags. From my research, I’ve read a lot of positive buyer feedback and very few negative ones. Many said that this sleeping bag keeps you warm even during the coldest nights and that it’s very comfortable to sleep in.

It’s one of the most bought sleeping bags on the market at the moment and it’s listed as top 10 sleeping bag of 2015-2016.