Protect Your Caravan Camper With A Caravan Cover

Caravan campers are a great source of accommodation for outdoor pursuits and are usually very durable to withstanding harsh elements.

Sometimes however, they need a little bit of added protection, especially when it snows or hails heavily as these types of weather condition can damage different parts of the caravan.

So, if you plan on reselling your caravan camper at a later date, or you just want to prolong its life, then a quality caravan cover that is well fitted is a great option to go for.

Usually, the best quality covers are made from a breathable fabric such as polypropylene or some other type of micro porous material. The only problem with this is that some people find that it still allows seepage of dirt and liquid through the cover and onto their caravan camper.

This usually boils down to the fact that they have brought a poor quality product. Having a breathable cover does not mean that liquids, gases or dirt can pass through the cover.

Another important item to look out for when purchasing a caravan cover is that it is a good fit for your caravan. If you are leaving your caravan camper in storage for long periods of time, you do not want to get back to it to find that the cover has become unsecured and blown away in a storm.


You should make sure that you check out what the manufacturer states in his brochure to ensure that you buy the best cover to remain secured to your caravan camper.

Before you feel the need to check out alternative manufacturer’s products, you can ask about whether the manufacturer provides custom made covers for your caravan camper. You could get them to add features such as reseal able openings in the material that allow you to get into your caravan without the need for removing the whole of the cover.

Some brands don’t allow any access to the caravan after the fitting of the cover and this causes problems for many people.  Plan in advance to accommodate your caravan awnings and caravan lights.

If you do have the luxury of a door opening in your cover then you must ensure that the cover is aligned and fitted properly so that you can access your caravan.

If you have other external features on your caravan camper that are not standard, such as a satellite dish, then you should allow for this when you are picking your caravan cover.

Prior to storing your caravan camper, it’d be best to have a conversation with your insurance broker to review your caravan camper insurance policy.  Determining your deductible ahead of time will ensure you limit your loss should theft, vandalism or damage to natural causes occurs.