Picking the Best Foam Pad For Camping


You bed should provide you with a restful and comfortable sleep whether you are at home or camping. Unfortunately not all mattress and foam pads achieve the level of comfort that their owners require. In this situation the need for a foam mattress pad arises to give your body extra support and eliminate restless nights. There are several foam pads on the market today all varying in support levels and affordability. Finding the right foam pad for your needs will provide you will the peaceful and rested sleep you need to have a productive and enjoyable day whether you are on your way to work or going for a hike.

When choosing a memory foam topper you first must consider your sleeping style. For side sleepers, it is recommended to choose a memory foam pad that is at least three inches in thickness as it will properly contour to your side and support your hip and side. For those who sleep on their back or stomach, a two inch foam pad will effectively soften a firm mattress. A quality mattress foam pad will measure to the full length and width of your mattress and will have a high density of foam which will provide more resistance and better performance.

Prices of memory foam pads will vary based on the mattress size, the thickness in inches and the density of the foam. All of these factors will affect the efficiency of your foam pad, and will determine the level of comfort your mattress will offer. Pads that are one to two inches thick will be the most affordable option, however you may experience little to no difference if they are low in density. While average foam pad densities will be measured at 3 pounds, quality pads will measure up to 5.3 pounds. Combine this with the length and width in inches, whether the pad is for a twin-sized or king-sized bed, and you can measure how effective the mattress pad will be. The common saying of “you get what you pay for” is no different with a foam sleeping pad.

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For those who are on a limited budget, the egg crate mattress foam pad is a great alternative to memory foam. These pads are a cost effective way to reduce strenuous pressure on the back and sides. While egg crate pads have been on the market for quite some time, technology has improved their design and performance to provide superior pressure relief. The typical egg crate material pads are standard twin sized, while some can be found customized to fit a queen or king sized bed. The thickness of these foam pads will also vary, however standard models will be found in 4 inches.

While camping, mattress pads must still offer the comfort that you would expect to have in the comforts of your own home, it must still be easily portable. A giant sleeping pad is the most common form of bedding used for a comfortable sleep in the outdoors. These pads are easy to roll and have a high density of foam, like other pads, which provide support on the sides, hips and lower back. Pads are a great alternative to blowup mattresses as they can be time consuming and inconvenient. There is nothing easier than unfolding a sleeping pad and resting your head on your camping bed.

The prices of all foam pads with vary based on the retailer and the type of pad you are investing in. Most online retailers will offer lower prices than local retailers because of the lowered or limited costs of overhead. This cost savings can prove beneficial when finding companies who offer shipping discounts or incentives. When investing in a foam pad for your mattress be sure to do the proper research and find one that will suit your needs.