Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket Review

Camping usually means accounting for lots of equipment like tents, sleeping bags, non-perishable foods, flashlights and a variety of other items essential for life away from basic luxuries.  Few people think about the clothing they will be wearing while in the outdoors.  As far as camping goes, individuals will want to have a pair of good boots or thick soled shoes as well as water resistant clothing. Water proof shirts and pants as well as a waterproof durable jackets are worth their weight in gold when it starts to pour.

Patagonia is an industry leader in outdoor apparel and accessories with a dynamic and tumultuous history spanning several decades. At first inception, founder Yvon Chouinard began making steel climbing pitons, later developing the company into a leading national supplier of climbing gear. Through a series of other developments and innovations, the company eventually evolved to the massive outdoor apparel, accessory and equipment company that it is today.

Aside from waterproof clothing, the company features the Patagonia rain shadow jacket. The jacket is marketed as a waterproof piece of apparel and comes in five different colors. Its features include one hundred percent nylon construction, raised interior pattern to repel moisture away from the skin, tear resistance, light weight, and a proprietary H2No Barrier with Deluge durable water repellent finish. All models also have micro fiber lining on the neck and chin portions of the jacket as well as Deluge DWR coated zippers to eliminate the use of weather flaps.

The 2.5 layer H2No fabrics that these jackets are made of have been touted as revolutionary because they are very durable, breathable, windproof, waterproof, and easy to break down and pack. The design can also accommodate a helmet with its adjustable hood. The proprietary coated nylon, that is incorporated into all of Patagonia’s shell garments, is made by adding a breathable and waterproof laminate during the product process to the already water resistant nylon fibers.  The result is a jacket that is virtually impenetrable by water.

The company also makes a variety of Patagonia women’s rain shadow jacket models. The women’s models feature all of the same materials and a design as the men’s however different colors such as light green and purple are available. The women’s versions also retail for the same price as the men’s models. While the list of features on these products is impressive, it doesn’t describe how they work for the avid camper. Various third party retailers and auction sites such as Amazon contain access to a Patagonia rain shadow jacket review where potential buyers can read about the experiences of other users.


Patagonia ‘Rain Shadow’ Blue Color Block Rain Jacket



Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket – Woman’s Black Small


Overall, user reviews for Patagonia rain jacket products are positive. Most every reviewer reported that the waterproof capabilities were as described by the manufacturer. One user even claimed that it kept them dry in a torrential downpour in the middle of a lake with high wind, pouring rain and a few feet of visibility. Reports of other benefits of the jacket has been that they are lightweight, quick dry time, and extremely packable. Some of the most negative aspects of the coat was that it was not as breathable as stated by the manufacturer. It should also be noted that these observations came from less than 30 purchasers of the jacket.

The Patagonia rain shadow jacket is a very good value for the price. They feature a lot of necessary protection sought after by outdoor enthusiasts. If you are planning on purchasing a similar model for camping, there is little doubt that it will keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather conditions turn out to be.