Microfiber Towels for Camping, A Good Decision

When it comes to camping many people are always searching for the latest gear. Whether it’s a new backpack, tent or multi faceted tool, having the right camping gear makes camping easier and more fun. One of the best and most overlooked tool for camping is a camping towel.

While many probably don’t consider getting a special towel for camping but rather take whatever towel they can find with them (if they take one at all). The truth is that buying a camping towel will make camping hygiene so much easier that it’s well worth the look, so be sure to put it on your camping checklist.

While there isn’t very much in the way of camping towels, the few that exist are very useful and have been well designed for camping. The best type of towel for camping is a microfiber camping towel. Microfiber is an incredible technology that combines two types of materials in such as way that it makes the fabric so much more water absorptive.

These microfiber towels can hold up to 7 times more water than a regular cotton towel so they don’t have to be as large as an equivalent towel. And as I’m sure you know, the less stuff you have to take or the smaller it can be the better. The unique properties of microfiber use capillary action to quickly wick away water so you actually dry off faster which when it is cold out is very helpful.

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Also, this property works in reverse as well, so when you’ve got your towel soaked, a quick wringing out of the towel and a few minutes hanging on the line will have it dry enough to pack away on your next adventure. And because the microfiber camping towels are specially designed with camping in mind there’s a convenient snap feature that can keep the towel snugly wrapped up or you can use it to hang on a clothes line or nearby tree branch to air out.

If there’s one camping tool that you need this camping season, it’s a microfiber camping towel.