Merrell Moab Ventilator Review

In 1981, Randy Merrell’s customers considered his boots “the best ever made.” They were arguably “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America.” He was rapidly gaining loyal followers. Through word-of-mouth, Merrell’s boots became more popular year by year. Merrell decided to do more research for women’s footwear. They decided to cover the more unique foot profiles, bone structures and strides. With this extra attention to detail, Merrerl won numerous awards, including Backpacker Magazine’s Best Hiker, with the title of “the best in the world.”

After going global, the company released Front Range, a lightweight cross-training product that provided stability and durability. A step that propelled the company further and increased customer loyalty in the brand, was the release of Merrell Kids. In 2004 Robin Benincasa founded Team Merrell. And Merrell are not only committed to making better footwear, but also raise awareness of challenges that American National Parks face through the partnership with National Parks Foundation.


Merrell Moab Ventilator is great for hiking, biking, or trekking. With the support and traction that you need for a hiking boot, it will also ensure extra ventilation. The Moab Ventilator offers a little unique element of having air easily circulated in the boot. Another feature to ensure breath-ability is represented by the uppers, which are mid-height, and made of Dura leather. For better support and protection, you get rubber toe bumpers and heel counters, so your fit is not too tight and not too loose – just perfect around the contours of your feet. The Vibram Multi-Sport Plus sole is just another addition that protects your feet better, by providing extra traction. Hiking is an easy on the feet when wearing the Moab Ventilator.

If you are accustomed to hiking or trekking in your favorite boots, but want something more lightweight for a change, consider these shoes instead of regular running shoes. With these boots you’ll get protection from pebbles and sticks that could enter your footwear and cause discomfort and a hindrance in your planned activities. You can try them while backpacking and they’re also great on turf, rock, and dirt. A great advantage of this boot is how easily they stick on slates. This allows you to ascend or descend with much more ease and are able to control your movements better.

The only disadvantage Ventilator is not suitable to cross a stream, run through the rain, or snow. For dry, hot conditions, this boot will provide the ventilation for your feet. It is recommended that you do not choose them for activities when you need truly waterproof footwear.

Overall though, the Ventilator has managed to be on par with the company’s reputation, helping loyal customers experience wonderful days of comfort, stability, and support in a long-lasting fashion.

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