How to Setup a Camper Trailer Tent

Camper trailer tent setup is easy with two people. Read few tips thrown in for good measure.

    • Park your folding camper tent trailer in a level spot – check for ant hills before you park!  Do not camp on or near ant hills, particularily the red ant type.  (This is one of those chalk it up to bad luck experience tips.)  You might also check for poison oak, poison ivy, muddy spots, etc.  We’ve tried all of the above and don’t recommend it!
    • Grab your tent pegs and a tent post hammer.
    • Remove the protective tarps from the trailer and unfasten the tie down straps.
    • Place your large ground cloth or tarp next to the folding camper.
    • Lower the trailer legs, keeping the ground cloth steady, and place the legs down in a position to hold one edge of the tarp in place.
    • Fold out the tent.  This variety of folding tent camper has the poles already in place when unfolded.  Just step inside (after checking the bottoms of your shoes please) and adjust the poles.
    • Stretch the tent into place.  Ground cover still in place and doing the job?
    • Pound in the tent stakes.
    • Roll up the window flaps.  Voila!  Your home on wheels is ready!  Takes five minutes to set up, even in the wind!
    • Now a few neat and tidy tips to keep things in good order!  Does the ground cloth extend at least two feet in front of the front tent entrance flap?  If not, you can use an old shower curtain as an extra floor mat in front of the tent.  Keep a folding camp chair right by the front door.  When you go into the tent, take a moment to sit down and remove your shoes!  Keep a tub right inside the front door for shoes and anything muddy, so nothing muddy touches the tent!

Double Duty Utility Tent Trailer – The Trailer of a Lifetime

Tent Trailer take down and storage tips:

  • It’s almost as simple to fold up the tent trailer as it was to set it up.
  • Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure the tent is clean and tidy.
  • A small bowl of clean soapy water and a soft rag or some paper towels come in handy to spot check the exterior of the tent.  Did you set up under trees?  Check for bird messes and pine tree pitch!  Gently spot clean the tent where needed, and towel dry.
  • Use your long handled broom to sweep out the tent.  Clean out the corners with your whisk broom and dust pan.  Dirt stored with the tent really ages the tent a lot faster than necessary, so take the few minutes needed to clean the inside thoroughly.  Plus, who wants spiders breeding in the tent while stored?
  • Use your long handled broom to sweep the dust and leaves from the exterior of the tent.
  • It’s best to fold up after the sun is up and the dew is dried off the tent.  If you must pack up when the tent is wet, especially if you’re beating a hasty retreat in the rain or snow, be sure to set up the folding tent camper in a dry location as soon as possible, same day if possible, to air out and dry the tent.  You really don’t want to tolerate a situation where mold could grow!
  • Sweep and clean your ground cloth.  When you fold it in half, again sweep the top, which was the bottom last time you swept!  Keep folding in half and sweeping, all this cleaning really pays off.
  • If the bottom of the ground cloth is wet, and if you have the time, you can drape it over the picnic table or your car to fully expose it to the air to dry.  You’ll be glad you did!  You don’t want to unfold a moldy groundcloth the next time you set up your folding camper tent trailer!
  • While you’re at it, if weather and time permits, stretch your open sleeping bags over chairs or a clothes line.  The airing out will keep things fresh, and give the evenings perspiration a chance to evaporate prior to packing up.