How to Choose the Best Camping Tunnel Tent


If you love camping to enjoy stunning scenery and panoramic views, then having a tunnel tent is a must for you. Tunnel tents are the perfect choice for travelers due to their light weight and easy placement.

Knowing how to choose the right tunnel tent for your needs is very important as to experience a fabulous camping adventure. Your tunnel tent is going to be your shelter in your camping adventures. The first thing to consider before buying one is in which season you are going to camp. The first thing you must look at when buying a tunnel tent is the manufacturer’s label.

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If you are going to camp in summer then you must choose a tent having a label marked as one-season. This type of tent would be ideal to use only under light showers. If you are going to camp between spring and autumn, then you must choose a three-season tent. This type of tent would be capable to cope heavy rain or very light snow. If you intend to camp in winter then you would need a four-season tent. This type of tent would be ideal to use in severe weather conditions. If you love exploring the beauty of majestic mountains, then your ideal choice would be for an expedition tent. This type of tent is very durable and is able to cope all extreme elements of weather conditions.

Another factor to consider before buying your tent is the tent size. You must think about how many people are going to use this tent as to determine what features the sleeping area must have. Check the manufacturer’s label for the maximum internal height. If you love cycling while you are on your camping trip, you would want to have enough covered space where you keep your bike as to protect it from weather elements. A 3 man lightweight tunnel tent may just give you enough room to sleep and to store the rest of your gear.

If you are going to take your children with you for a camping holiday as to start appreciating the wonders of nature, you have a vast selection of play tents and tunnels to choose from. There are many magnificent designs, having different features at very affordable prices. Ideal camp play tents and tunnels material is flame-retardant polyester. Choose tents made of good quality material and safe for your child to sleep in.

These tents are also an ideal play area for children. They offer instant fun. Their bright colorful designs really attract children and provide hours of playful activities and fun. Mostly all tents feature children’s favorite characters. You can also use these tents in your children’s bedroom. Their room would be transformed into an enchanting environment within minutes giving your child space to be creative and imaginative. All these tents are set up and folded down in seconds. They all have a carrying bag for multipurpose use like storage and mobility.

Buy a tent and tunnel for your active child. It would provide for him hours of fun crawling and passing through connecting tunnels. Your child can also use them as a hide away place.