How to Choose the Best Camping Table

Camping is an activity that people either love or hate, it seems. You need to have a high tolerance for a greater level of physical discomfort and “grubbiness” than you may be used to at home. To some extent you can increase the comfort and cleanliness level by car camping; that is, camping in a park or other similar area where you can have your car right next to you and a restroom close by. There are usually picnic tables or camp tables with benches nearby as well, so you can sit down reasonably comfortably. However, for some people at least, being in a wilderness area with no signs of civilization is a central aspect of the appeal of camping. For us wilderness campers, the key to being as comfortable and clean as possible is having the right equipment.

The most important piece of equipment is a tent that is light, much lighter than most tents used for car camping, but also roomy. The size of the tent depends partly on how many people will be hiking to the campsite with full backpacks, but generally, it should be big enough to fit two to three sleeping people. It is difficult to find a tent larger than that which would also be light enough. REI and Sierra Designs are two companies that make roomy but light tents.

The backpack itself also needs to be roomy but light, and most importantly, fit comfortably even carrying a heavy load. Packs with an outer frame and which distribute most of the weight on your hips are the best. They should also have extra straps on the outside so you can easily carry some bulky but essential items like your sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. Personal hygiene items do not weigh much but can make a big difference in how comfortable and clean you feel. Do not scrimp on warm clothes, which are also light.

The main comfort-increasing items that people fail to take with them on hiking trips are a camping table and chairs. Being able to sit down with support for your back at a table, to eat or cook or simply read, makes a huge difference. People fear the added weight and bulk but actually there are many folding camping tables and chairs that are designed for backpackers and are remarkably light and compact. Affordable kits of ultra-light portable camping tables with chairs can be found online if you look carefully, and they are well worth the cost.

There are many different designs made from varying manufactures to choose from. There are folding tables with cup holders big and small. They can come in varying sizes, lengths and colors. It goes without saying that when you get a bigger sized table the more weight you will have to carry. Most tables are made out of aluminum to keep the weight down.

There is one design that will you surely like. It is a fold-able picnic table, complete with the benches. You can also get this picnic table in different colors. This table folds up into its own case making transporting it a breeze. You can even get an umbrella to go with it to keep the sun out of your eyes while you eat. These tables can come in either plastic or wood or aluminum.

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If you are feeling very adventurous you can get a folding camping kitchen! This is a full blown kitchen that you can set up in a snap and it comes full with shelves and accessories.

Whatever you decide is right for you I hope you have a better understanding of what to expect when you are going to purchase your camping table. There are so many different types and styles to choose from so be sure and pick one that was made just for you.