How To Choose The Best Camping Knife

If you are an outdoors man (or woman!) that enjoys camping and hunting then you know that the knife you carry in the field is very important as it can mean your survival. In this article we will look at some points on how to choose the best hunting knife for you.


Hunting knives come in many makes and styles as well as many types of steels from carbon steel like 1095 carbon to stainless steels such as 440C,S30V,154CM and A2 too steel and other tool steel varieties.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of hunting knife styles in order to help you pick the best hunting knife:

1. The drop point hunter is by far the best hunting knife style. It is the most popular type for in the field. It is the strongest of the blade types and thicker to. There are many variations of the drop point hunter blade and they are called “modified drop point hunters.” This style of hunting knife comes in both a folder and fixed blade types.

2. The clip point hunter is not as popular as the drop point hunter and not as strong or thick as it either. The clip point is thinner stock and mostly hollow ground. It’s an excellent choice for skinning chores due to the deep belly of the blade. This clip point hunter is also available in a folder or fixed blade.

3. The skinner is an extremely popular knife for hunters. They come in many forms from deep belly skinners to gut  hook skinners. These types of skinners are also available in folder and fixed blade versions. The fastest skinner on the market today is called the Wyoming knife and is very light and fast.

It is very important to have the most reliable knives with you when you are in the field. Do your due diligence in research when choosing the best type of hunting knife for you. These are just three points of consideration when you are looking for the best hunting knife.

Take into account that you will be using this to help you when you are camping and hunting for choosing the right tools for each job. More great knives can be found here.