Choose the Best Running Shoes For Women – Buying Guide


Many runners have asked just how long should a typical running shoe last? A good running shoe should last from 400 to 500 miles of running, which amounts to about three to four months for a regular runner.

This could vary according to each runner’s individual running mechanics, so it’s important to check your outsoles and mid-soles regularly to be sure that they are not compressed or wearing out. They could look good on top, but not be wearing well on the bottom. All of the running shoes reviewed here should easily last the longest period of time possible.


Size is important when buying a running shoe, so bear in mind any reviews that tell you to buy a half or full size larger or smaller than usual. Letting others’ experience with a shoe regarding sizing be your guide is a good practice. All shoes can vary from one manufacturer to another, so always keep that in mind. Although most women wear a B-width, some shoes could be made a touch more narrow than others, making a larger size necessary. Aiming for an extra space in your toe-box about the size of your thumbnail is a good practice when it comes to the snugness of your running shoe. This will aid in avoiding the loss of any of your toenails since they won’t be hitting the front of your shoe when you’re running downhill or in the event that your feet swell a bit during your run. The width of the shoe should be comfortably snug while still allowing some room for your foot to move a little without any rubbing.

When to try on shoes

When you first try on your new running shoes, do it at the end of the day. Since your feet will normally experience some swelling caused by daily activities, they’ll be at their largest at that time. This will ensure that your shoes aren’t too small.

Be sure to wear soft comfortable socks like the ones you’ll be wearing during your run. If you usually wear some kind of orthotics in your running shoes, be sure to try on your shoes with them in them.

Arch supports and more

Look for a substantial arch support in your running shoes. Make sure that they both hit the middle of your arch dead center, not too far back or forward as that will cause discomfort.

Make sure that the running shoe you choose offers uppers that breathe and will aid in reducing moisture buildup. Also, look for a mid-sole that will cushion your foot, reducing the weight of the running shoe.

Style and color

Last but not least, once you’ve ensured the perfect fit and comfort factor in your new running shoes, as well as breathability, durability, and wearability, then you can turn your attention toward fashionability. You want a shoe that looks good and goes with everything.

The cheap running shoes for women reviewed here are designed to do just that. Their styling and color combinations should please even the most discerning lady runners.


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