External Frame Backpack Review

For hikers who need to bring a lot of things with them during their backpacking trip, external frame backpacks suit them best. These heavy duty packs are designed to carry heavy loads. In case you are wondering how they look like, let me help you visualize. An external frame pack usually has a harness with pads inside; it has an aluminum frame that has a pack connected to it.

External backpacks have evolved through the years. These days, there are now models that can cost up to $300. These models have metal tubes that are very light connected to them. Ever since the internal frame backpack was introduced, many hikers and campers chose to buy it over the external pack. However, there are still those individuals who think that external frame packs are better and have continued to purchase the product.

Let’s have a brief background about this type of packs. Several years ago, external frame backpacks are utilized by ancient hunters to carry their catch. External packs were mostly used by military men and mountaineers for many years. Actually, they used to be called “knapsacks” until 1910 came when the Americans finally changed their name into “backpacks”. The external frame packs used to be the leading products in hiking gear until the internal frame backpack arrived.


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External frame packs are the best when it comes to carrying extremely heavy loads. They have an inner storage area that is very spacious and many storage pockets at its exterior. Its external frame is where the camping tents and other gear are placed. Today, the latest external packs have supporting frames that are made of light materials with nylon packs attached to them.

In order for the hiker to find an external pack that can fit perfectly, he must size the bag based on the length of his torso and instead of making his height as basis. To find out the length of one’s torso, all he has to do is to start measuring from neck base up to his hipbone crest. It is important to know how long the trip is going to last in order to determine the amount of space required for the backpack.

There are considerations that need to be made first before using external frame backpacks. Keep in mind that these packs are only ideal for landscapes which are not so rough due to its high center of gravity. If you are planning to use your external backpack for skiing or biking, you must not proceed with your plan for it is not made for these types of purposes. Other important considerations that you need to make are the right distribution of your hiking and camping gear in your backpack. It is highly suggested that the tent must be placed at the frame’s topmost part. Food, clothing, supplies and other gear that are big in size must be placed at the middle. The sleeping bag should be placed at the bottom part of the frame. Lastly, for other personal belongings that are small in size, the outer storage pockets are where they should be placed.

External frame packs may be less preferred by many hikers but still they have lots of benefits which cannot be found in internal frame packs. Aside from being able to withstand heavy usage and having the ability to carry heavy loads, they are also more affordable compared to internal frame packs. In addition, they are also not difficult to pack and unpack. These backpacks can give proper circulation of air which is beneficial to the back of the hiker. This means that external packs can make their users feel cooler especially when worn during summer season.

There are two popular brands of external frame packs namely the Kelty external frame backpacks and the Jansport external frame backpack. Both brands are leading product brands when it comes to external frame packs and are the top choices of consumers on the market. You can find these backpacks at several camping gear or outdoor gear stores in your area. These products are also offered in numerous sites online and are sold at very reasonable prices.

The advantage of purchasing these backpacks online is that it takes away the hassle of having to get out of your house and go to many different places just to find what you’re looking for. With just one click of the button and after filling up some forms and other details, you’re done! The product is delivered to your doorstep in the next few days.