Different Types of Camping – Choosing the Best Gear

Camping gear manufacturers offer a tremendous supply and variety of quality items, which is an avid camper dream come true.

When deciding what gear for camping to bring with you, a good starting point is determining what kind of camping trip your adventure will be.

Camping gear for your trip will depend upon whether you will be: 

  • backcountry camping, 
  • camping at a campground; i.e., car camping.

These two categories are further divided into:

  • canoeing,
  • horse camping,
  • boating,
  • family car camping,
  • backpacking, 
  • RV camping.

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 Backpacking Camping Gear

Camping gear for backpacking is important if you are planning a hiking trip in the backcountry.

Backpackers generally want lightweight backpacking gear, because it will be carried in and on your backpack.

A weekend or longer backpacking trip will require camping gear such as water filters, a backpacking stove, backpacking food, a backpacking tent, and other gear.

Canoe Camping Gear

Camping gear weight, as with backpacking, is a major consideration when canoe camping, except you, can carry a lot more gear.

If you are like me, I enjoy the comfort of camping chairs, catching the memories with camera equipment, and a couple of coolers – one for the food and the other for cold drinks.

Boating Camping Gear

A lot more camping gear can be loaded when boat camping than in a canoe for the simple reason that boats are larger than canoes.

As long as you do not plan on hiking very far from where your boat is tied, bring along your gear for comfort and convenience.

Horse Camping Gear


Camping gear while horse camping requires good selection. Remember that horses are not welcome everywhere, but there are abundant riding trails and camping opportunities.

It just takes a little planning to locate the area just right for you. Camping by horseback also requires camping gear for your horse such as an equestrian first aid kit in addition to your other camping equipment.

Horse camping can take the rider to the spectacular and unspoiled. As with most camping trips, you decide what camping gear and supplies are necessary.

However, invaluable gear includes a canteen (a soft, insulated one, with a loop that fits over the saddle horn), sun block, sunglasses, snacks, proper clothing, saddle bags, and a helmet.

If a helmet is not part of your gear, definitely take along a hat of some kind.

Family Camping Gear

Camping gear for car camping, my favorite, is the easiest way for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. A car camping trip does not require much specialized gear.

If you plan on backpacking from your base camp, then your camping gear should include a daypack and overnight pack or a fanny pack for a day or less hiking trip.

The basic gear for car camping is a tent, sleeping bag and pad, stove, two coolers, first aid kit, and I’m fairly sure you want to bring a Dutch oven. Most other camping gear is optional.

Camping gear selection for your favorite type of adventure should include preparation for the outdoor elements.

You and your family simply will not be protected from the rain with a discount store camping tent. Your sleeping bag should be on a pad or an inflatable mattress.

And the proper rain gear if you plan on being outdoors. This is when a tent vestibule is really handy, and it can be used to store the wet gear or cook camping food underneath it.