Coleman Camping Gear Review

Coleman Camping Gear has been around since 1900. It has been Coleman’s obsession, as well as its passion, to always build a smarter product. Coleman seeks to build camping gear that works harder, lasts longer and performs to your expectations.

Coleman has no use for ordinary camping gear, and they know you don’t either. Coleman does what it takes to design and manufacture better gear, whether it’s roughing up prototypes, rigging up a rain room in the Coleman factory to test tents or enduring the elements to pit its propane appliances against dropping temperatures.

Coleman believes that making quality camping gear is all in a day’s work. That’s the Coleman promise to you.

You can find out how far Coleman goes to deliver on that promise in each of its camping gear lines. Coleman thinks you’ll be impressed with its camping gear.

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Camping Coolers by Coleman
Your Coleman camping gear should include a couple of coolers. There’s a Coleman® cooler for everyone and for every activity. Intelligently designed gear by people who, like you, crave cold. A blistering summer day is no match for Coleman camping coolers.

Camping Tents by Coleman
Coleman camping gear and Coleman tents are designed to isolate you from the elements outside. Do not forget to look for the exclusive Coleman® WeatherTec™ System. It makes Coleman camping tents drier and more weather resistant than other brands.
Camping Coffee Gear by Coleman
Essential Coleman camping gear is a coffee pot! It’s a great way to start your camping adventure in the morning with a Coleman camping coffee pot.

Coleman Camping Gear – Cots
Coleman camping gear includes cots made to keep you off the ground. With a Coleman camping mattress thrown on top, you’ll have a good nights sleep.

Camping Gear by Coleman – Chairs
Another important item for adding to your Coleman camping gear is a chair. Coleman camping chairs are comfortable, sturdy and inexpensive at the same time. Coleman manufactures some excellent and comfortable chairs to include with your camping gear.

Coleman Camping Tables
Don’t forget to include a table with your Coleman camping gear. A Coleman table will add a lot of comfort to your outdoor experience. Aluminum folding camping tables by Coleman are a highly suggested piece of gear.

Camping Lanterns by Coleman
Your Coleman camping gear package must include lanterns. Coleman has built more than 50 million camping lanterns since 1901. That’s a lot of lanterns. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say Coleman knows more about designing lanterns than anyone else.

Coleman Camping Stoves
Propane stoves by Coleman are an excellent addition to your Coleman camping gear. These camping stoves by Coleman are the best heat source for cooking. Two-burner Coleman stove models with wind shields provide a level surface and consistent, well-distributed heat. Just excellent gear when camping.