Camping Health & Safety Tips

Nothing matters more than being safe while camping. the last thing you want is to get hurt while you are in the middle of nowhere.

Some basic things to remember before you go on a camping trip is as follows:

  • Tell someone the route you are going

So many people get hurt on their trip and are unable to return because of a broken leg or cracked rib. If you tell someone your trip plan and let them know your itinerary then you will be able to dispatch a rescue team if you don’t come home on time.

  • Think before you act

Especially if you are camping alone you need to look out for yourself at all times. I know it is important to have fun but think before you act. If you think what you are doing is has potential life threatening effects if something goes wrong be sure and put in the necessary safety devices to transfer the risk. For example, don’t get lazy and not clip into a safety anchor when you are climbing a rock face.

  • Beware of bears

If you are camping in possible bear country take the necessary precautions like raising your food pack when you sleep, clean up the camp after supper and bring along some bear spray if you do in fact come in contact with a bear. Beware of other animals as well. Remember you are in their habitat, you are the visitor. If you come in contact with a moose while you are transporting your canoe on a portage raise your canoe up on the tip and stand behind it and move it back and forth. The whole point is to make yourself look bigger than the moose.

  • Take a first aid class

At least one person in your team should go through a first aid training class. This will save your life or the life or someone else if in fact something terrible should happen.

  • Take a fully stocked first aid kit

This goes without saying but bring along some basics like a compress, tourniquet and bandages.

  • Satellite Phone

If you can afford a satellite phone then I would get one for your trip. It could save your life so it is probably worth the money.

While you are camping it is imperative you stay healthy, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Clean and sanitize your dishes after every meal
  • Boil your water or bring your own
  • Take care of your body and stay clean with a camping shower
  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep your feet dry to avoid athletes foot

These are just a few tips that may keep you safe while camping. Remember to use common sense while you are out in the outdoors. Also remember that you are the visitor so keep safe and stay healthy.