Bulbs and HID Xenon Flashlights – Explanation

Are you familiar with the xenon flashlight? This type of flashlight is well known for its very bright light. Many view this flashlight as one of the best new inventions as of the moment. Xenon flashlights are energy-saving because they give of light that is very bright without using too much energy. This device has two types that you must know of. The first one uses xenon flashlight bulbs and the other one is known as the hid xenon flashlight. You must know the difference between these two so that you will not be confused upon purchasing these products.

The one which uses xenon bulbs is capable of lasting for thousands of hours. Xenon bulbs are actually better than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs because they can save its users a lot of money due to its ability to last longer with no amount of energy wasted. Aside from that, these types of bulbs can be used to enhance other flashlights. Since this type of xenon flashlight uses xenon in its bulbs, the light that it emits is very bright due to the tungsten filament that was heated.

Now let’s move on to the other type of xenon flashlight which is the hid xenon flashlight. When we say “hid”, it means high-density discharge. What makes it different from the one that uses xenon bulbs? They are different from one another because the hid type utilizes bulbs which conjoin xenon and an electric arc to produce a very strong and bright light. Hid xenon flashlights are popular worldwide because they have an extraordinary capability of providing light that is good enough to cover a whole gymnasium. That is how bright the type of light given off by these types of flashlights is! Owning one of these devices could mean that you have a powerful flashlight in your hands.

Example of HID Xenon flashlight:


ProBuilt T2600 35-Watt HID Xenon Torch, 2600-Lumen HID Flashlight Kit


Aside from that, hid xenon flashlights also have the ability to endure shocks as compare to other types of flashlights since they don’t have filaments in them which gets ruined easily. Hid flashlights are also ideal to use during camping trips and other outdoor activities due to its ability to supply light in a very wide area. These types of flashlights are quite expensive though as compared to the other type of flashlight. If you are conscious of your budget, the hid type of flashlight is probably not the right one for you. However, if you choose to buy this type of flashlight despite of its high price tag, you won’t regret your decision because the type of light that it gives off is really worth it.

Word has it that there are now new additions to xenon flashlights and these are the led xenon flashlight and the xenon rechargeable flashlight. The first one use LED bulbs which allows it to emit a bright light similar to the hid version. On the other hand, the rechargeable type is convenient to use because it does not require constant changing of batteries to be able to function as long as it is fully charged. Xenon flashlights are slowly taking over the flashlight industry so if you don’t have one yet then maybe now is the right time for you to get one.