Best Handheld GPS for Hiking

Hiking is a fun sport that just about anyone can do. With so many national parks around the country to visit, with sights to see, getting out there, and taking it all in is the goal of many Americans. Today’s technology such as a handheld GPS system can help keep you from getting lost while you’re out in the wilderness, so if you’re planning a hiking trip with family or friends, you should decide which GPS system you’ll want to bring along.

There are many handheld GPS units available on the market. Most of them run on batteries, with the possibility to charge them either in the car, or at home. Battery life really depends on the size of the device you are carrying and how frequently you use it, but one charge should be able to get you through an entire week of hiking, if you use the device only when you need it. Nevertheless, you should always bring backup batteries just in case.

For recommendations for those looking for a nice unit to take with them on a hiking trip, the Garmin handheld GPS will serve you well. Garmin GPS firmware is easy to read and understand, and their maps are frequently updated. Keeping your system up to date is one of the most important things you can do, so when you get your Garmin GPS home, be sure to update the firmware and get the latest maps from the website so you’ll be ready to go.

The most popular model of Garmin GPS is the Garmin Etrex Handheld GPS. This is because it has a long battery life, clear crisp screen and easy to read maps. The Garmin GPS system will give you turn by turn instructions on how to get where you’re going, and once you’re there, you’ll know exactly where you are in the wilderness and how to get back to camp.

Many people are afraid of using new technology like a handheld GPS system. However, now is the best time to learn to use these systems, as they’re getting much less technical and even the most technologically impaired individual will be able to understand it. Setting your camp position in the GPS is just a matter of calibrating your location with one of many satellites hovering in space, keeping you safe.

Suggested handeld Garmin GPS:handheld-gps-for-hikingGARMIN eTrex 20X GPS


One of the most potent dangers of going hiking in the past was getting lost in the woods. Countless individuals have journeyed into the depths of their surroundings, just a few feet from camp and have gotten turned around and lost, ending up several miles away from their intended location. With the onset of GPS, this is becoming much less frequent. However, in order to reap the benefits of this system, you will first need to own one.

This is not meant to replace knowing how to navigate with a map and a compass. Sometimes maps have better markings and are meant for more remote locations. Also most GPS devices will not show you the campsite locations along a hiking trail or along a river.

No matter which handheld GPS system you decide to purchase, you should feel much safer about your surroundings and taking your family on a hiking trip. With a GPS system, you can enjoy the sights and the activities, instead of worrying about getting lost on your trip.