Best Dome Tents For Family Camping – Buying Guide

Camping with the family can be fun and exciting. Using a tent that provides a secure dry place to sleep will significantly increase the pleasure of a camping trip. Families want a tent that is quick and easy to set up. When bad weather strikes families expect to stay dry and their tent to stay securely pitched. The family dome tent has many attributes that make them perfect for the family vacation.

There are many different makers of tents and one of the most highly recognized names is Coleman. The Coleman dome tent comes in several models. The Evanston 4 tent will accommodate four people in a one room dome. The tent is sixty eight inches at the tallest point. Tents are made of polyester taffeta with a polyethylene floor for durability. The tent uses fiberglass poles to tie down the tent.  The exclusive weather tech system keeps the occupants dry. A covered front porch and wings help offer additional shaded space for campers and help protect against rainstorms. The tent comes with carrying case and is super lightweight and easy to set up.

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent


Another well known tent manufacturer is Ozark Trail. The Ozark Trail dome tent comes in a family size that is sixteen by ten and one half feet.  This budget friendly tent retails for around sixty dollars.  The tent will sleep up to eight people.  The size makes it perfect for larger families or smaller families that want more room. Center height is six feet. It features the everyday weatherproof system to keep the family dry. It is large enough to accommodate blow up air mattresses. Users state it can be set up in under ten minutes. Ozark makes many different sizes of dome tents that can meet the needs of any family.

Ozark Trail 4-Person Instant Dome Tent


Most dome tent poles are made of heavy duty fiberglass to assure secure tie down in wind and rainstorms. The dome shape is more aerodynamic and allows the wind to move over and around it. Wings generally tie down security and serve several purposes. They allow rain to be quickly channeled away from the tent. It also keeps water from pooling around the edges of the ten. In good weather, the wings create a shaded spot to store gear such as coolers yet allow convenient access without having to enter the tent. Remember another key to keep your tent stationary during inclement weather is to have good tent pegs.

A family dome tent will sometimes be divided into rooms. The back room is a perfect spot to put an inflatable queen mattress for adults. There is still room to put sleeping bags for kids or a single sized inflatable mattress in the front room. The room system provides some privacy for adults. The front room can also be used as a living space that allows the family to get out of rain, wind or heat. And when the weather is cold, a camping heater can always be used in the tent to keep the temperature right.

Family camping with a dome tent is fast and easy. Tents set up quickly and even young children can help because the materials or light and easy to manipulate. Almost all models come with screened windows that allow cooler air to circulate through the tent. With all the benefits a dome tent presents it makes the ideal camping shelter for the family.