Best Camillus Hunting Knives

Camillus is one of the oldest knife manufacturers of the world. They had been supplying high quality knives since 1876. The original company was closed due to bankruptcy in 2007 but ‘The Acme United Corporation’ purchased its brand name and intellectual rights and re-started Camillus in May 2009.

The company knives are made from Carbonitride Titanium cutlery grade steel and are specially designed to suit any heavy work.

The company offers a life time warranty. The warranty is applicable only if the product is damaged due to a flaw in material of workmanship and the company would replace the damaged knife irrespective of age. The defective product would be replaced with the product of the same value if it is not repairable.

The following defects are not covered by this warranty:

  • Wear and tear occurring gradually by the passage of time
  • Damage caused as a result of tool abuse or neglect
  • Alteration in the product etc.

The damaged product should be returned to the company in its original box (this is for the evidence of purchase) and should contain a letter explaining the problem of the knife. The blades that are replaced are not covered by this warranty.

We reviewed some of the Camillus knives:

Titanium Drop Point Knife


The Drop Point Hunter is 8 inches long. The 3 1/2 inch blade is manufactured from Carbonitride titanium Japaneese AUS-8 stainless material. The knife handle has bamboo scales attached to it. The knife comes with a nylon belt and a life time warranty.

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Tiger Shark Skinning KnifeTiger-Shark-Skinning-Knife

The main feature of this knife is its Tiger sharp technology. The knife doesn’t need sharpening. When the blade looses its sharpness, you just has to remove the blunt one and slide in the new blade. The knife is 8 inch long and its titanium bonded blade constitutes 3 inches.

These blades are three times harder than steel and retains its sharpness for a longer period of time. It can highly withstand rust and adhesives. This is a fixed blade knife, comfortable for quick cutting purposes. The knife edge is plain and fashioned in drop point style. Two smooth edged titanium bonded blades and a pouch comes with the knife.

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Bush crafter hunting knife


This knife perfectly fits outdoor purposes like dressing the game, cutting etc. The knife is 8 1/2 inch long and the 1095 high carbon steel blade occupies 4 inches. The blade is scandy ground and is fixed to a handle made from brown Canvas Micarta.

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Titanium Gut-hook Knife


This knife is suited for cleaning and dressing game. The overall length of the knife is 9.75 inches. The blade is 4 inch long and is made from titanium bonded full tang 440 steel. These blades are much stronger and harder than the blades manufactured from ordinary untreated steel. They can withstand rust and years of heavy work without loosing its sharpness. The ridges along the handle provide a strong grip in wet conditions.

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