Bear Grylls Fire Starter Review

I guess I’m drawing to the end of this little series that has run for a couple of weeks in which I’ve looked at the survival kits and knives promoted by Gerber and Bear Grylls. On balance I’ve found most offer good-enough quality at a reasonable price. Perhaps the best comes last because I think that a decent fire lighter is a essential piece of survival gear. Now it need not be anything fancy. I usually just tuck a few extra cheap lighters in pack or pockets when out in the wild. I’ve never not been able to light a fire and have always figured that even if the gas runs out I can still get a small spark. It sure beats trying to use a magnifying glass (although that works too and I’ve once had to use one to make lunch).


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So, would this be the right fire starter for me?

I think it is not a bad investment. These are an update to the old flint and steel. It is small enough to forget about in your pack. It will always work and it contains a tiny amount of tinder. It also has an emergency whistle. Although I’m not a huge fan of fancy survival kits, this seems to me to be a good little tool that lets you call for help and get a fire. That covers two of your essentials in a small package that does not cost too much.