Asolo Stynger GTX Review – Best Women’s Light Hiking Boots


No one wants blisters and sore feet after a long trek through the mountains. Hiking is supposed to be relaxing and refreshing, however, if your clothes and footwear are not comfortable it can turn into the opposite. Being a popular sport for both men and women, proper hiking gear is very important. Asolo, the leading company in outdoor footwear offers shoes for both sexes in a variety of designs and features. The range of categories is meant to cater to different kinds of outdoor walking and climbing fans. The Asolo Energy range is for hikers and backpackers and features lightweight and comfortable shoes that are not a problem for the feet. The Fugitive is one of its most well-known hiking shoes for men and has been a favorite for a long time. The women’s edition of the Fugitive is the Asolo Stynger GTX.

The Asolo Stynger GTX hiking boots are designed specifically for women. A large majority of women are turning to hiking as a relaxing and inexpensive sport. It is also an excellent way to spend time with their partners, family or friends. Many women who find men’s shoes too large or uncomfortable will find this shoe suits them perfectly. Women with narrow feet will enjoy the ease and lightness of this specially designed hiking shoe.

The manufacture of the Asolo Stynger GTX hiking boots for women is the same as that for the men’s version. The upper part of this sturdy shoe is made of waterproof suede and Cordura. These materials are not only resilient but also provide breathing space for the feet so there is less sweat caused by warmth. The Gore-Tex lining, which is used in all GTX shoes, is guaranteed to block out all kinds of water and moisture. Many of the reviewers of the Asolo Stynger hiking boots have found it to remain dry even after complete submersion. Additionally, the boot has been found to dry very quickly after getting wet.

The Asolo Stynger Boots are exceedingly comfortable and provide protection to your feet through the most extreme conditions. Asolo has employed its DuoAsoflex technology in the making of these shoes and fitted them with its energy soles. DuoAsoflex means combining two sole materials to give double protection and reduced torsion. This is a part of Asolo’s latest shoe technologies and is employed in all its leading hiking shoes including the Stynger. This makes the Stynger shock absorbent and thus more secure for your feet. The heels are reinforced rubber and combined with the excellent sole technology, these shoes provide the best traction on a slippery and rocky terrain. In addition, the lacing consists of one pull system and helps remove the lift of the heel while walking or climbing. This ensures that your heels are in place in muddy, rocky or wet areas and the grip of your foot is firmer and more precise.

The Asolo Stynger has received both positive and negative reviews, however, I would trust the positive ones most. This is because the negative reviews seem to be based on the user’s specific use of the shoe. For example, where almost 95 percent have found the shoes to be breathable and waterproof, only 5 percent have found it is too warm. This may be due to that particular reviewer’s foot type or the tendency to sweat more no matter what the shoe is like. Therefore, the Stynger is an excellent choice for women and has always been the best in its field.

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