Asolo Fugitive GTX Review


Hiking and backpacking enthusiasts are aware of the psychological and physical benefits of these activities. They also realize the importance of comfortable and trouble free shoes in this regard. A leading name in hiking footwear, Asolo is the first name that comes to mind when hikers think of comfort, reliability and lightness. Although, the brand is comparatively higher priced than its competitors are, there is no price too high for the quality. One of the company’s most popular and highly rated shoes is the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

These boots employ the best material and technology in their making and are a necessary purchase for the hiker and backpacker. The Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boots are a part of the Asolo company’s hiking energy range. They are designed keeping in mind the needs of the hiker who treks long miles in every kind of terrain and situation. They are the best when it comes to walking for long hours on rocky areas. Sweating feet and hot, heavy shoes can be a source of much discomfort and lead to ruining what was meant to be a satisfying walk. The Asolo range is designed for comfort, thus being an excellent choice.

The Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boots men’s variety is considered the best in the business. With an increasing fan base, these hiking shoes are at the top of the list when it comes to hiking shoes. The material used is extremely light and breathable. It allows for the flow of air to the feet, thus keeping them dry and safe. Asolo has collaborated with the makers of Gore-Tex to make their shoes waterproof. The Gore-Tex lining of these hiking shoes ensures that no water touches your feet no matter how wet the area where you walk. The heel, midsole, and front of the Asolo GTX Fugitive boots are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and protection to different parts of the foot. The toe boxes assist in protecting your toes from bumps into rocks or stones. Additionally, they keep your feet in place and help avoid slips because of lack of firm footing. The under sole is excellent and gives you a firm grip on every kind of surface.

The Asolo Fugitive employs the Duo Asoflex for its insole which helps provide support and flexibility for climbs. The heel is thick and gives a comfortable feel to the foot in addition to protecting it. The laces use the one pull method and are easy to adjust. They are also very sophisticated to look at because of the metal loops and full threading.

Another important feature of these hiking boots is their lightness. Every hiker and backpacker is aware of the trouble that can be caused by heavy unwieldy shoes that pull down on your energy. When trekking or hiking, you would not want to be weighed down by additional baggage on your feet. The Asolo Fugitive GTX is made of a strong, durable material that is also lightweight. This makes it a complete package for hikers and trekkers alike.

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